there Tymor pysgota wedi dod i ben

And for this this itinerant London based, and passionate angler, needy of having goals and achieving them, and currently 68 years old, who has this silly ambition to catch a trout from a river in each of Wales’ 22 counties…it has been a year to remember.

I made seven trips to Wales this season.

I have met such interesting and inspirational folk; learned much of South Wales’ rich history; been DEpressed by what I have observed in towns, once bustling and proud, but now dominated by ‘pound’ shops, charity shops, and empty shops; but IMpressed by just how much the coal black waters of the valley streams of the ‘60’s’ now run clear and clean, and where aquatic life, now prospers.

To all the generous folk who have advised and helped me, and some who have fished with me…Alan P, Tigermoth, Terry B, Ron J, Elliot P, Ade N, Peter A, Tony, Lyn D, Ron S, Dean, Mark R, the WUF, and to Gareth L, who has ‘tied’ for me…my thanks.

Oh! And I caught trout in nine Counties this year, which makes twelve in all so far, and just another ten to ‘net’…the plotting begins!!



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