Why ?

Readers will know that my first experience of fly fishing was at school at Christ College in Brecon, which is probably why, and to this day, the river Usk remains my favourite trout stream. I have fished it on numerous beats from way down in the town of Usk, and all the way upstream to close to Sennybridge. I have been lucky enough to catch many wild trout in Powys.

En route to Cardiff for a board meeting in the ‘noughties’ I stopped off overnight at the Bell in Skenfrith, and landed half a dozen fish in the early evening from their beat on the Monnow, so ‘netted’ Monmouthshire.

And last year, in the then S&TA, Annual Auction, I ‘won’ a season’s membership of the Merthyr Tydfil AA, and fished their lovely waters with Gareth Lewis and Daniel Popp, to capture the county of Merthyr Tydfil, too.

So surely the logical extension of this is to…well, of course it is!!!

There are twenty two (22) counties in Wales, and I have caught wild trout in just three of them, so in 2016, I hope to add to this number.

I will target South Wales, and the plotting and planning begins NOW!

Any help and tips will be more than welcome!!


2 thoughts on “Why ?

  1. Hello Dave…I am flattered but am not sure that my Blogs have the influence you think they might !
    I don’t know your flies. I tend to buy mine from successful fishermen who tie their own, and which work for them, and therefore hopefully will, for me, too! I would be happy to work with you and prompt readers of my Blog to consider yours…why not?
    If that works, send me just a few emerger patterns…my address is – E1 Montevetro, 100 Battersea Church Road, London SW11 3YL
    Cheers, and thanks for finding me


    • Hi, I sent samples through earlier in the year; hope you have received them safely.

      I was wondering if you could delete/hide these comments, as it publicises my email address and have started to receive spam directly to my private address! Was my fault, I included it in the message itself 🙂

      Thanks for your trouble, and if you have any questions about the review / samples I’d be happy to help,



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