Social media users sometimes prefer to use nicknames.

My searches to determine how I might find fishing on the Isle of Anglesey, revealed one such moniker, Diawl Bach, which appeared against uploaded footage of stream fishing on this Island on YouTube, and it also appeared on posts detailing the same on FlyFishingForums, and I sought to connect with him.

 This Little Devil was not hard to find, because generous fisher, he, who had read of my quest, was more than willing to help me ‘net’ on his Isle!

Him (and Her!)

Diawl Bach is teacher of technical ‘stuff’ I do not understand, but after an evening with him, I now know that programming a 3D printer, means it is possible, from a spool of some plastic ‘stuff’, to produce, impossibly, a fishing reel…and he has!

And he teaches, but only in Welsh…and that amazes me, and for so many reasons. ‘Is that lawful?” I ignorantly enquired? That Welsh is a used language, is to me, one schooled in Wales, important. It may be useless outside the Principality, but that is actually the reason to ensure its prosperity.

I stayed with Sion, and his lovely wife, Siwan (pronounced ‘Shoowan’)., in their Cosy Cabin, in Rhosneigr. They live an active and exciting and varied life, they work hard…and travel is a key interest and motivator for them both. They are ‘givers’, and I like and admire them both. They are great hosts, and Siwan, a great cook!

Fishing on the Isle of Anglesey

It is largely free. In fact, with the exception of one small stream in the North which is syndicated, all the freshwater fishing is! And there is so much to explore.


But on an island where flatness is more prevalent than hillsides, tactics for trout, which Sion advises are abundant, have to be adjusted.

But our target stream was one of Sion’s favourites where he has had success and caught remarkably large trout (they are all wild), and the odd sea trout, as well as the last known salmon caught on – the Cefni.

To fish, or not to fish

My journey to Anglesey was a wet one, thus slow and tedious, and made longer by motorway road works. It rained much of the way, and as I approached the island, the rains seemed to intensify. On arrival at Sion and Siwan’s home, the conservative in me suggested we took a look at the river and if it looked fishable in the rain, return home to kit out and have a go! Sion was confident because the river is fed from a lake Llyn Cefni, and not enough rain would have fallen to affect the flow too much. But we thought again! Why make two trips when one could suffice…even though it was still raining. We went!

The fishing

We arrived at the town of Llangefni at 5pm, and parked right by the river.


The height was just a little higher than normal, Sion advised, and there was a bit of colour, but it was fishable, so we started, with a duo rig. Be bold with the weighted nymph he suggested. That is, not too small.

My first cast attracted the interest of a small fish which came off. I don’t know what you think, but I believe that to catch a fish with ones first cast can be a disaster, and I hate it, if I do. But this tiddler shook the hook – a good thing.

And so it transpired, because afterwards, takes were numerous, and several came to my net.

We were soaked, but the rains eased, then stopped, and some small upwings hatched, and fish began to rise, attacking the emergers. So it was off with the nymph, and on with a shuttlecock emerger.

I have to say that some of my casting was a little sloppy, but nothing deterred these urban scrappers because as Sion explained, they are used to seeing humans all the time. One fish rose just feet in front of us and we both marvelled at what may well have been a 2-lber. Try as we did, we could not catch him, though. That’s probably why he’s a 2-lber! Which surprised because Sion explained that many fish are killed, or fished for illegally (poached?) with night lines by those maybe trying to land a sea trout.

Overnight the area was hit by torrential rain, and our beat was unfishable, so thank goodness we fished, for there would be no fishing on Anglesey this next day! And it’s a long way from London.

Mission accomplished, and Welsh County #14 added.

Thanks, Sion…sorry, I mean Diawl Bach!

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