I knew it!

The stretch of the Ebbw (nearer to Bassaleg than Rogerstone) and just above the footbridge,

looked fishy, and when I arrived at 130pm on the 17th the water was clear, but low…and on air, in 15c temperature, was a variety of fly life.

Not as good at identification of flies as I wish, I think I saw midges, small olives, the odd yellow sally, an LDO or two, and what looked like some mayflies.

The dry (an #14 Adams) on the duo I started with, attracted the attention of a riser, and on the second cast, so did the tiny #20 PTN, below it, of a small fish.

A ‘splosh’ under the far bank suggested that my last observation of what was hatching (early Mays?) might have been right, and so did a second, some feet ahead, and a third about ten yards further. All were in the slack water right under the bank, protected by new vegetation, falling toward the water off steep banks!

So it was off with the duo I planned to start with, and on with a small May imitation.

This had the lower of the fish up for an inspection, but after that, the leafy bank attracted my over aggressive casting in my eagerness to get under it. I think I tied at least three new tippets and failed in any case to get the nearer fish to take.

A fluffy elk hair caddis did the business, though, with the fish at the head of the run.

A silvery specimen, with a blue sheen across its back and dark spots, came to net.

1 1/2lbs was my bet, and a wild fish for sure. And then another…

Chuffed I was!

Welsh County # 6


ps.….I now know the right pronunciation of Ebbw, is ‘ebbou’, not ‘ebber’!

pps…thank you Islwyn & District AC. (your online booking system works)

1 thought on “NEWPORT

  1. Hi, glad you caught a few, it’s a nice stretch of river,the river at the mo is a bit low, but we are still catching a few on the drys.
    Alan. islwyn district anglers.


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